Receipts Downloads

Our bustling lives are filled with lists and plans; from grocery shopping to deciding on a coffee spot, our musical choices deserve attention and documentation. That’s where Receiptify steps in, offering a unique way to visualize your music listening habits.

Receipts Downloads

Receiptify, an innovative service, transforms your most-played Spotify tracks into a digital receipt format. Ever wondered which songs dominate your Spotify playlist? Receiptify compiles a monthly summary of your top tunes, presented in an attractive receipt-style image. This guide is designed to help you navigate Receiptify and create your musical receipts.

Create a Record of Your Top Spotify Tracks & Listening History by Receipts Downloads

Here’s how to get started with Receiptify for your Spotify favorites:

  • Navigating to Receiptify: 
    Visit the Receiptify website on your mobile browser.
  • Connecting Your Music Account: 
    Upon reaching the site, click the green button to connect to Spotify. (Note for Safari users: Disable the pop-up blocker in your settings to proceed.)
  • Choosing Your Time Frame: 
    Once logged in, select the time frame for your musical receipts downloads. Options include the most played tracks in the past hour, the last six months, or the previous month. Make your selection to proceed.
  • Downloading Your Receipt: 
    Click the ‘Download Image’ button to get your receipts Download. This will save the receipt image to your device.
  • Saving on iPhone: 
    For iPhone users, go to the Downloads folder in the Files app after downloading the image file. Open the image, tap the Share button, and select ‘Save Image’ to store it in your photo gallery.

With these steps, effortlessly track and visualize your musical journey on Spotify using Receiptify.